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A brief discussion on the development history of high end security intelligent lock


As the high-end security smart lock is so hot, is there no security problem? With the rapid development of the society and economy, the thief theft "technical level" is also increasing. It is understood that professional lock master can open the security door in seconds. The patronage of the burglar is against the guard.

In the process of civil security development, with the development of smart home market blue sea, nowadays people's favor of smart home makes its development be in the middle of the day. As one of the most common entrance of smart home, fingerprint lock is used widely, not only in smart phone, but also in the entrance guard system of some large areas.


Compared with the traditional mechanical locks that have lasted for thousands of years, intelligent locks are actually brand new. From the literal point of view, the intelligent lock may be only based on the traditional locks to allow the mechanical linkage of the intelligent function and biometric technology, but the most difficult way to combine traditional technology with modern technology is to return to the initial heart of the lock house guard, that is, security. Fingerprint identification and cryptography have the potential of instability and security in application. The traditional locking enterprises introduce these technologies for short time, slow digestion and lack of technical reserve, which may result in the effect of 1+12. With the importance of Chinese national enterprises to intellectual property and brand building, especially in the research and development of a lot of high-tech manufacturing enterprises in China, local scale production and modern enterprise management are all endowed with high cost performance for products, such as the HUAWEI in the mobile phone industry. Through the successful hunting of Dahua shares in the security industry to Europe, America and Japan, the Dahua brand is worth looking forward to in the future.

Thanks to the continuous progress of society, the high-end security intelligent lock has developed rapidly, and has produced intelligent high-end security intelligent lock. Intelligent high end security intelligent lock has changed people's life style, improved the quality of people's life and challenged the traditional high-end security intelligent lock. It is the future development trend of high-end security intelligent lock industry.

Among them, the fingerprint lock which we are familiar with is a kind of intelligent high-end security intelligent lock. Fingerprint lock is a kind of intelligent lock which takes the human fingerprint as the recognition carrier and means. It is the crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern (modern decoration effect map) hardware technology. Compared with traditional locks, it is more safe, convenient and fashionable, and is in line with people's pursuit of high quality life.


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