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Does the real high-end security intelligent lock have multi point lock tongue protection?


The real high-end security intelligent lock usually takes 5 years to precipitate, otherwise the quality of the product will not be guaranteed. And, a high-quality high-end security intelligent lock products, through the door lock clinical test, fingerprint identification technology, user feedback, product research and development, product design, mold manufacturing, die casting, stamping, drilling machine, lathe, wire cutting, electronic application, polishing electroplating, assembly, quality inspection and so on.

Do you have a lot of lock tongue protection

Now the social problems are complex, and the security of door locks is more important. High end security intelligent lock generally uses stainless steel material lock tongue, but most high-end security smart locks are single lock tongue, especially in Korea, it is not suitable for Chinese people. Because South Korean lock single lock, it will be easy to pry open, or fail to achieve the performance of anti-theft and anti riot. The high-end security intelligent lock with multi point latch is the most excellent and security performance up to now. Therefore, the choice of high-end security smart lock not only depends on appearance, but also on the inside.


It can not only protect family property, but also make family members feel at ease. Especially in today's society, some contradictions still exist. The design of high-end security lock with full defense is very important. High security and anti - Performance high-end security intelligent lock, will perfect the traditional mechanical technology and modern high-tech fingerprint identification technology, with anti-theft, riot, waterproof, fire, moisture, anti-corrosion, temperature protection, shock resistance, abrasion, rain, sunscreen, and other 360 degree full protection of the patent design, and the structure is not embroidered steel. Material to achieve the highest safety precautions.

Our common high-end security smart lock is the main selling point is the entrance can not use the key, and there is no special rigid selling point, also can not prevent the pry door, but not the window; high end security intelligent lock mechanical lock core by technology unlocking cases are common, and even appeared a "tin paper unlocked" means, "tin paper unlocked" It is a new type of "unlocking" means, which needs the help of special tin foil tools to pry the lock. It will take only a few seconds to open a burglar lock in this way.

As a derivative product of access control recognition, the high-end security intelligent lock has been gradually developed into more families abroad, depending on the technology development of biometrics. For our domestic market, the popularity of high-end security smart locks is far less popular than its reputation. However, for the security market, the high-end security smart lock has an explosive market potential. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the high-end and high-end security smart lock market is growing, and the prospects for development can not be ignored. The high-end security intelligent lock is the preferred product in the development of smart home industry. It is leveraging the billion billion market behind smart home and security industry.


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