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The emergence of high-end security smart locks has subverted the traditional lock industry.


The emergence of high-end security smart locks has subverted the traditional lock industry. In China, with a permeability of only 2%, there have been nearly 8 million sets of volume in 2017, and the market potential is huge. So the traditional lockset manufacturers, electronic technology companies, appliance manufacturers, real estate developers have entered the office, trying to take the lead in this promising industry.

Compared with the traditional mechanical lock, the biggest advantage of the high-end security intelligent lock is convenient. At present, there are two main types of intelligent locks in the market. One is the free handle like the traditional form, which is about 85%, the other is the latest popular push and pull type, and the market share of the push and pull market is not yet yet. High, only about 13%, but with the increasingly fierce market competition, push-pull design becomes more and more obvious because of the more convenient way of use.

The way to open the free handle intelligent lock is like the traditional free handle type mechanical lock, all of which are the lower pressure handle. Only some brands integrate the anti lock function into the handle, make the way of lifting the anti lock, and then add the functions of fingerprint identification, password unlocking, and so on. And the push and pull from South Korea has almost no resemblance to the traditional door lock, except the way of opening the door, the interior latch, the alarm, the child lock function, the infrared induction, the double lock, and so on. The function is varied, and the design idea is quite different from the free handle.


First, more open future design, so that consumers feel more sense of technology.

The high-end security intelligent lock is more in line with the definition of intelligent lock than the free handle type. It can be seen from the appearance that it is an intelligent lock. Many domestic smart locks have little difference in shape from traditional locks. If consumers know little about intelligent locks, they will not be able to distinguish whether they are intelligent locks. But push and pull does not have such a problem. The push and pull form looks more like a technology product than our impression of the lock. The high-end security smart lock usually has a large screen for password input and functional settings. Then the fingerprint module will be more prominent in the more prominent position, and the design is more avant-garde. It is more in line with the trend of future development.

Two, a more convenient way to open doors, bring better user experience.

Push and pull can be more concise and convenient way of thinking. Free handle smart locks are pursued by traditional privacy, such as many brands like Katie and a large number of domestic manufacturers. Password verification and fingerprint modules are hidden under a slippery cover, and users need to open the lid and verify it when the user opens the door. Some of the free handle products even pursue the retro design, design the European or Chinese retro hand design, which can not be easily found in the intelligent identification module. And the design of push and pull handle is more direct, its design concept is intuitive and convenient, like the new product, mostly using the masculine line, "straight" design, appearance based on the minimalist concept, save redundant modules, functional modules are arranged in the front, do not need unnecessary steps to directly verify the door. These two kinds of design can not be defined from security and function, but since it is an intelligent lock, the pursuit should be to save the user's effort and effort. From this point of view, it is no doubt that the design of push and pull type is more fit for the people.


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