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The advantage of Shenzhen fingerprint lock manufacturer to analyze intelligent lock


The high-end security intelligent lock is a masterpiece of brother security designer. It is fashionable, noble, elegant, profound, rigorous and technology. Its high-end security smart lock plus fingerprint open mode, complement each other, relaxed. One is to subvert the tradition, change the past lock must have a key mode, the lock has only two ways of opening, a key type mechanical password to open, six bit password, can be repeated, for example, "112233" "666666" can be, ten numeric keys plus a star key can be set as a password. It can compose 1 million 700 thousand sets of passwords, which greatly enhances the difficulty in preventing technology opening. Two is safe and reliable. The replacement of the password is simple, with a special change key in 30 seconds to complete the replacement of the password, the key from the door inserted into the key hole in the key, in accordance with the clockwise "clear" the original password, the key panel part of the new password, in counterclockwise turn the code key "confirm" the new password, here the new password, here An action is very important, which is to lock the hand after the new password is confirmed (this action is to make all the inner parts of the lock inside the lock), and the old password has been cleared, only the new password can be opened. In addition, it also has the function of artificial remote password unlocking, and directly tells the guests who have arrived at the door when the phone is direct. The guest can use mechanical password to unlock.


For Shenzhen fingerprint lock manufacturers, we should concentrate on grinding products to ensure that the safety and reliability of high-end security locks will be the key to win the competition in the future. It is reported that the brother security has two invention patents, one of which is the combination of electronic lock mode and pure mechanical password opening mode, realizing the convenience of electronic lock and the stability and security of high-end security intelligent lock, which is a new product. Now the idea of this two kind of independent open lock is nothing. The concept of the most secure lock is achieved by hardware unlocking. There is another third generation of new research and development of the mechanical password lock core, small volume, many characteristics of the password group, three keys can be used in the padlock and bags on the lock, the number of numbers can be set into 1-8 bits of the number of bits and passwords, about hundreds of millions of passwords, from the technology opening is very difficult to open. The electronic unlocking method and the pure mechanical cipher open mode are combined to realize the convenience of electronic unlocking and the stability and security of the lockhole mechanical cipher lock, which has filled the blank of our country's smart lock industry standard. It is understood that the company has two new products will be released at the end of the year.

In the future road, brotherhood security will continue to work on the research and development of professional, high quality and advanced security intelligent lock products, constantly improve the brand marketing system, follow the trend of the market, build the leading brand and advanced management model of China's smart home by leading the industry. Leading China's high-end intelligent lock industry, with the strength to build China's high-end security benchmarking enterprises.



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