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High-end security smart lock comprehensively enhances the security of locks by different means


High end security intelligent lock is a more advanced and intelligent digital door lock. High end security smart locks are often equipped with App. Users can use the phone to set the lock remotely, remote open, or remote monitoring. As an example of brotherhood security products, if the courier brother to your home delivery you are not home, you can generate a one-time password or Bluetooth key, can only allow one entry, can be destroyed with the destruction. Although high-end security smart locks often have a App, this is not to say that anyone who is equipped with a App can call himself a high-end security intelligent lock. The so-called "intelligence" means that the door lock can judge the potential anomalies and take measures by constantly analyzing and studying the life characteristics of the users and their families. For example, if the door locks of elderly people living alone live through long-term observation, it is found that the old man goes out to buy vegetables and walk at approximately the same time every day. Suppose when the door lock is found, the old man suddenly doesn't go out for one or two days. It belongs to the abnormal situation and will automatically alarm. For example, if the password has been misplaced for several times, the door lock finds this abnormal condition, it can automatically open the camera function, record the situation, see the person trying to unlock the wrong password of the family. A friend or a stranger.


In addition to security, the high-end security smart locks have some more garish additional play, such as lights, audio and other smart home, or provide weather forecast, road condition information, etc. Of course, for locks, the function of weather forecasting is "icing on the cake". And whether it can become a family safety barrier is the most important thing. So, high-end security smart lock is not safe? High end security intelligent lock is not safe at all. If it is not black, the high-end security intelligent lock must be safer and more convenient than the mechanical lock. However, if we compare the security of the high-end security lock with its convenience, it will be more convenient than security. First, the high-end security smart lock is "special identity". Compared to other smart homes, such as smart coffee machines, high-end security smart locks, as a small security barrier, emphasize security more than any other smart home. Because of this, the major high-end security intelligent lock manufacturers also improve the safety of locks from various aspects, such as lock material, chips, software and networking.

A password can be deciphered with a password. A high-end security smart lock, such as the Shenzhen fingerprint lock manufacturer, can be easily decipher with a Bluetooth sniffer; another way is that strangers can steal data when the user is unlocked, write down the password, and then use these numbers to lock the door. The password doesn't work, just come to a camera. Even if the house was stolen, you could see who it was. What makes it helpless is that there are also holes in the camera. The brotherhood security is equipped with a camera anti-theft function, and the thief black into the camera system, in the system put a static picture of no one at home, "to static brake", swagger into the home big stole... High-end security intelligent lock and other smart home networking, become part of smart home ecology. It is also a security risk. Some people like to connect the high-end security lock with other things in the home. The lights are automatically lit up, the air conditioner is turned on automatically, and the water is burned automatically.


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