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Five advantages of brotherhood security smart lock


The brotherhood security to treat the artistic mood, carefully build each product, the production of all kinds of locks have a high reputation in the world; in the spirit of "keen to open up, innovative intelligence" of the humanistic concept, citing international advanced technology, in the field of intelligent lock has been a major breakthrough, with a number of new patent technology.

It is understood that the brothers security high-end security intelligent lock has five advantages:

First, the brotherhood security high-end security intelligent lock uses semiconductor fingerprint head, twelve points of ease, and through the brother security optimization, ultra low error rate; super strong large processor can enter 300 fingerprint information, to meet the needs of various use.

Two, brother security high-end security intelligent lock using virtual password settings. The anti peeping virtual password design can input the garbled code before the correct password, effectively prevent others from peeping and protect the password.

Three, brother security high-end security smart lock can be opened by RF card. The unique M1 card function is suitable for the opening of the induction card; the super C class mechanical key is unlocked, and the various door opening modes are more intimate.

Four, brotherhood security high-end security intelligent lock electricity low automatic reminding, and charging the use of the charging treasure USB interface, rid of the traditional high-end security intelligent lock replacement battery trouble, to consumers more convenient and more humane life experience.


Five. The panel and handle of the brotherhood security smart lock are made of high quality alloy materials. The beauty is on line, the noble breath comes to the face, and the taste of the home is more than one grade.

Brotherhood security is an innovative enterprise focusing on R & D and production biometric technology. It covers high-end security intelligence lock and hotel (hotel decoration effect map) intelligent lock, providing professional and convenient practical technical scheme for the user's smart home and safety management. Since the establishment of the company, the company has always followed the tenet of "honesty is expensive and faith - based". It is committed to the satisfaction of users. With excellent development ability, reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service, it has been supported and trusted by customers both at home and abroad.

Brother security has always believed that with strong technical support, perfect supply and marketing channels, rich market development experience and excellent pre sales and after-sales service, we can provide more intelligent biometric products for customers and become a more powerful industry leader.



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