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Shenzhen brotherhood Security Technology Co., Ltd. Founded in 2008, with "security, intelligence, innovation" as the core concept, we focus on creating an Internet security intelligent lock and its product ecological chain for high-end users.

Shenzhen brothers security is subordinate to China's top 100 security companies, founded in 1992 - Fujian Quanzhou Hongtai Technology Electronics Co., Ltd. With the Huaqiao University & Hongtai science and technology research and development center as the platform, the research and Development Department of cloud computing, Internet of things, intelligent security, and other security experts, such as doctorate, Professor, senior engineer and other security experts, is set up to develop the intelligent lock of the intelligent Internet of things that apply to the world.

Over the past 10 years, the R & D team has been involved in the drafting and compilation of several national standards, and has obtained a number of national patents with independent intellectual property rights. The company has an industrial park with an area of 30 mu. With its own advantages, it has developed rapidly into an integrated enterprise with R & D, production and sales.

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Shenzhen brotherhood Security Technology Co., Ltd.

whats‘ app:+86 18612565757

address:5th floor,2nd  unit,2nd  building,guanghui  technoligy park,

minqing  road,longhua distruct,shenzhen,518139,guangdong  province,china

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