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Market sales background of intelligent lock

Market sales background of intelligent lock

In 2017, the sales of China's lock market reached over 100 billion, and the occupancy rate of intelligent locks was only 5%.

New entry of intelligence, new breakthrough in wealth market

New entry of intelligence, new breakthrough in wealth market

E home lock enjoys strong experience and scale in the industry of intelligent locks, and is looking for partners in various regions.

Future immeasurable market

Future immeasurable market "money"

China has a large population base, a continuous demand for living conditions and a keen passion for technology. In the future, at least 20 years, the fingerprint lock market will maintain a high growth trend.

E home lock advantage

Channel merchants, with the desire to "lock", enjoy their success

Join us

In the form of contract, our factory and agent appoint and authorize qualified shopkeeper to be our agent. The agent has the right to sell "e family lock" brand products, develop market and develop lower distribution agents in its distribution area, and be responsible for the distribution, installation and after-sales service of this brand in this area; we are the agent of the agency. It provides support for technology, publicity, marketing and after-sale training. In order to support agent dealers to develop the market, the agent distributors apply for contact with our company when bidding for negotiation projects. Our company provides corresponding support according to the situation.

1. enterprises or self-employed businesses with legitimate business license procedures have corresponding economic strength.

2. identify the corporate culture and operation management of e home lock company.


3. comply with e brand management mode and business policy.

4. good interpersonal and public relations skills in the local market.

5. operating experience in the related brand industry

6. can accept the company's training, supervision management, abide by the principle of joining.

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